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Frequent Ask Questions

What is CADS Enhancement Program all about? (How would you describe your organization?)

CEC is a one stop educational centre that caters to the needs of children with learning difficulties or physical impairments. Academic skills are tailor-made to suit each child’s unique cognitive ability and we complement these with living and social skills, occupational and physical therapy as well as Islamic teaching and practices. We also provide them with three healthy meals to further promote their well being.


What do these children need the most, and what you can do to help them?

These children need to be educated in a conducive and supportive learning environment so that they will grow into useful members of the society.
They need parents and teachers who understand the academic and social challenges that they face. Here at CADS Centre, teachers are able to give one-to one attention to each child due to the small number of students in a class. We have four classes at the moment with only 4-5 students in each class. This makes it possible for the teachers to give personal coaching and assistance to each individual student. Our teachers are also very compassionate and understand the varied capabilities of each child.


How do you make things better for these special children?

We make learning fun and meaningful for our children. We believe in experiential learning and emphasize on the application of knowledge learnt. The learning process is child centered as we recognize that each child is an individual with varied learning pace, style and talent.


What can you offer to the children with the facilities and activities or lessons?

We now have a well equipped and spacious gymnasium for the students to do their physical and occupational therapy. These therapies are very important to help special needs children cope with the demands of daily living and classroom activities.
We also have a lot of educational tools and software to enhance the teaching and learning process.


What subjects do you have – (Elaborate more on the subjects available – and how it helps the students to grow)

CEC students learn all important subjects like English, BM, math and science, Islamic studies, history, living skills and art and craft. Core and supporting subjects are taught using a thematic approach. This is a way of teaching and learning, whereby many areas of the curriculum are connected together and integrated within a theme. Thematic teaching is powerful and effective because it integrates learning with life.


What programs do you have that is special for students only here in CADS – ( That is unavailable in other school )

One program that benefits the students and which is not done in most schools in Malaysia is the weekly presentation during assembly.
Each week a student will be assigned as a leader to lead the Monday assembly while others will present the “Show and Tell” to inculcate self confidence and good public speaking. We have received a lot of positive feedback from parents that through these weekly presentation training, our students develop very high confidence and self esteem. This makes them better able to cope with the demanding challenges of the outside world.

We also have a specially trained teacher to enhance the students’ cognition through a series of mind stimulating activities. We call this the cognitive skills enhancement program. CSE enhances a student’s attention span and focusing skills among others.
Another unique contribution of CADS is that we provide daily training for the muslim students in performing wudu’ and solat zuhur. We also have one-on one hafazan classes to ensure that the students memorize verses from the Holy Quran.



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