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CADS Enhancement Centre ( CEC )  provides a broad-based and differentiated curriculum specially formulated to suit the unique needs of each special child.  CEC  adopts a thematic approach to teaching core subjects such as English, Science, Bahasa Melayu and Mathematics. This is a way of teaching and learning, whereby many areas of the curriculum are connected together and integrated within a theme.

It allows learning to be more natural and less fragmented. It also allows literacy to grow progressively, with vocabulary linked and with spelling and sentence writing being frequently, yet smoothly, reinforced. Furthermore, it guides connected ideas to follow on easily. It is believed that with this approach, students will develop learning skills more quickly as each one is connected to and reinforced by the other

Students are placed in four classes according to their cognitive abilities and lessons are planned accordingly.   We also provide Cognitive Skills Enhancement ( CSE )  which is particularly critical for  children with learning difficulties  to help them cope with the demands of classroom activities. In addition, CEC also employs a full time occupational therapist to develop the students’ gross and fine motor skills. We also include living and social skills in the hope that our students will eventually lead relatively independent lives and be respected by the community. CEC also follows a strict healthy dietary guideline for our children to further promote their overall health and well-being.

Another unique feature of CEC is that it is one of very few centres for special needs children, which, while accepting enrollment of children from all races and religions, also provide guidance to Muslim children on basic religious duties and incorporates the teaching of solat, Quran reading and Islamic studies for the Muslim children.

We are now in the process of updating our curricular activities to suit each child’s   unique educational needs.

Subjects according to the levels:

Confident 1 & 2: 
  1. Speech Therapy
  2. Occupational Therapy
  3.  Sensorial Education
  4. Arithmetic
  5. Creative Play
  6. Music & movement
  7. Aura Meta Physic
Active 1:
  1. Speech therapy
  2. Occupational Therapy
  3. Sensorial Education
  4. Arithmetic
  5. Reading
  6. Creative Play
  7. Music & Movement
Active 2:
  1. Bacaan
  2. Arithmetic
  3. Occupational Therapy (Fine Motor)
  4. Community Living Skills
  5. Speech Therapy
  6. Sensorial Education
  7. Islamic Studies (Fardhu Ain & Al-Furqan)
  8. Group Aura Meta physic
  9. Creative Play
Dynamic  : Pre- Vocational
  1. Creative Play
  2. Sensorial Education
  3. Occupational Therapy
  4. Speech Therapy
  5. Group Speech
  6. Basic Communication
  7. Islamic Studies (Fardhu Ain & Al-Furqan)
  8. Pre- Vocational (Cooking & Housekeeping,Community Living Skills)
5th stage: Advanced
  1. Occupational Therapy (Grouptherapy)
  2. Group Speech
  3. Functional Arithmetic
  4. Physical Education
  5. Creative Play
  6. Functional Arithmetic
  7. Functional English/KUW
  8. Cognitive Skills Enhancement
  9. Islamic Studies (Fardhu Ain & Al-Furqan)
  10. Pre- vocational ( Cooking & Housekeeping, Community Living Skills)
Extra Classes:
  1. Occupational Therapy
  2. Cognitive Skills Enhancement
  3. Math
  4. Iqra’
  5. Bahasa Malaysia
  6. English