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CEC organizes the following activities to complement its overall curriculum.

 1.       Taekwondo.

Students learn the art of self-defense once a week by a qualified Taekwondo Master.

2.       Practical Solat in congregation for the Zuhr prayers every day.

3.       Educational Field Trips.

CEC organizes 3 educational trips per year. The experience based learning methods through the trips give the children a more effective, hands-on and fun learning experience.

4.       Workshops/ Sharing Moments.

CEC organizes 3 workshops a year aiming at educating and supporting parents and the public on the development of special needs children. All parents, teachers and committee members are welcome to share their knowledge, experience, and their expertise related to education during the sharing moments.

5.       Family Day and Sports Day.

Family cum Sports Day is organized annually to strengthen the bond among parents, teachers and students. Stimulating and fun activities are done together to enhance team building and communication skills.

6.       Entrepreneur Day.

E-Day is organized annually to give real exposure to the students of selling and buying activities. Parents and students are encouraged to open a stall to sell food, drinks or any items on the day. Some of the profit will go to the centre.

7.       Teacher’s Day.

Teacher’s day is usually celebrated in May before the mid-term school holiday. Teachers and students are divided into a few groups to do fun activities together. This is to encourage good relationship between teachers and students.